Our Wedding Day: August 30, 2003

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Jenny Riggs, Maid of Honor

JennyMy sister Jenny was my first ever playmate. Shes only a year and a half younger than me, and Mom says that when we were little, I would climb into her crib in the morning and take her pajamas off her. Shed be playing, in her diaper and turning blue from the cold but happy as a clam when Mom came in to get us up. Later, I was really mean to her when I was allowed to play in the cul-de-sac and she was not allowed off the lawn. The neighborhood kids would come over and wed all play on the lawn, and just as she was having fun, Id suggest that we play in the street. She would stand at the edge of the lawn, crying...

When we moved to England, she was again my only playmate. All the kids at school had funny accents and were not very friendly to a couple of American girls. Mostly I remember the times we werent in school, when we played with our Barbies or tortured our younger brother, Brian. Jenny was always ready to play whatever game I had in mind, and was very easy to be with. Even though Id tormented her as a child, she never did the same to me. She kept my secrets, and never told on me; even the time I punched a hole in the wall (although that one was hard to hide).

As we got older, she and I fought more and more. When the time came for her to go to college, she left the state to "get away from Cathy." She lived in Texas where she got her undergraduate degree and then, a few years later, moved to Chicago to get her law degree. After she graduated, she came back to Southern California and I found that the years apart had helped us to reforge our relationship.

Now she and I work just a few blocks from each other in downtown Los Angeles. When I have a problem, I can always call on her for advice. I know that she will always be there for me and I will always be there for her. She is my sister and my friend, and now my maid of honor. I have my playmate back.

Christina Coleman, Bridesmaid

ChristinaI met Christina during college when I lived at the Co-op. She approached me one night, introduced herself, and asked if Id like some cheesecake. Id never had cheesecake before, and although cake made of cheese didnt sound too appealing, I was never one to turn down food. I followed her to her dorm room, where she fed me a very interesting substance that didnt really taste anything like either cheese or cake.

Christina and I became immediate friends. She had a wicked sense of humor and was always willing to do just about anything I suggested. She had a very definite sense of fashion (still does, although its improved with time) and decided one day that she wanted a pink dorm room. I still dont know where she got it, but before I knew it I was helping her install pink carpeting in her half of the room.

After college, Christina moved to San Diego for law school. My brother Brian was in college there, so I introduced them. Next thing I knew, Christina was hanging out with Brian and all his friends, hosting Super Bowl parties and generally having a great time. I was glad when she finally moved back to Los Angeles, because the trips to San Diego were pretty long.

Now, Christina is the person who organizes parties and group event and trips, and generally keeps me in touch with all of my college friends. Without her, we as a group would fall apart. She is the most organized, efficient, goofy, outgoing, loyal, incredible person I know. Shes the life of every party but shes also the person who will go to the ends of the earth for her friends. Christina is my bridesmaid and my friend.

Brian Crocker, Best Man

BrianI am pleased to have my cousin Brian as my best man. Years ago, I was privileged to perform the same role at his wedding. Now he gets a chance to give me a hand at a time when the groom's mind and faculties are a bit unfocused. I know he'll do such a good job helping me that everyone will remark, "Wow, Kirk sure has it together. He hasn't missed a beat." The fact is that Brian will be whispering commands in my ear:

  • "Straighten your cummerbund."

  • "Put the ring on her finger, dummy!"

  • "Two words, Kirk. Repeat them after me, 'I do'."

There's obviously a reason why he is given his title, because on my wedding day, he will definitely be just that, my best man, and my favorite cousin.

Don Deming, Groomsman

DonWhen I asked Don to be my groomsman, his answer was predictable. "I would be honored," he answered. "And exactly what does a groomsman do?" You see, Don and I go back a few years in the LAPD. He and I have always gotten along well, in part because we both care a lot about the job we do, and also because I respect him for the things he stands for. He is a person whom I would trust my life with, but fortunately on my wedding day the job that he does, though important and consequential, will not determine whether I live or die. His mission will be to facilitate a smooth-flowing wedding experience. His main duties will be:

  • To provide moral support for the groom,

  • Along with some assistants, to usher the guests, and

  • To escort the maid of honor and bridesmaid.

After I explained his duties to him, he said, "I can do that."


2003, Larry Riggs, All Rights Reserved