Our Wedding Day: August 30, 2003

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How We Met


CathyA few years ago, while supervising a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) task force in the Central Jail, I noticed that one of the students was really cute. I didn’t know his first name, but his nametag revealed his last name. We talked for several hours, and I remember that he carried 14 magazines of ammunition – on his hip, in his pocket, and on one ankle. He was a little strange, but very interesting and easy to talk to. I spoke with him several other times over the next few months while he was obtaining his certification, but never did find out his first name.

In March 2002 I attended an instructors' meeting prior to an upcoming weeklong DRE school. There were a dozen or so instructors that would be teaching together over the next week, and my new friend was one of them. He had apparently passed the student phase and gone on to become an instructor. I sat in the meeting room across the table from him, thinking how sexy he looked in his leather jacket, white T-shirt, blue jeans and motorcycle boots. I found out later that this was a look he was “trying out” and it didn’t really suit him. He got teased a lot that day and called “the Fonz.”

All the classes were team-taught by the instructors, and the purpose of the instructors' meeting was to sign up for classes and work with your partner instructor in preparing for the lessons you would be teaching over the next week. I signed up for a few classes with partners that I regularly taught with. Then, I signed up for a really boring class that no one else wanted to teach. The Officer-in-Charge of the DRE program asked who else wanted to teach this class. There was dead silence for a few seconds (no one wanted this boring class), and then my new friend said he would teach it with me.

The day before the class, I asked some of the other instructors what my new friend’s first name was. No one knew. Then, finally, someone told me it was Kirk. I found Kirk in the instructor room, sitting by himself and reading a book. I sat down next to him on the pretext of discussing our class, and we started talking. And we talked. And talked. In fact, we talked for the next two days and were rarely apart during the school.

On the last day of the school, Kirk came up to me as I was heading to the parking lot, handed me his phone number, mumbled something and practically ran away. I called him that night. Two days later, on March 10, 2002, we had our first date. We went to lunch at Ruby’s, a 50s style diner on the pier in Huntington Beach and then took a walk on the beach. It was very romantic.

On March 10, 2003, Kirk took me to Huntington Beach for our one-year anniversary. We took a walk on the beach, where he gave me a ring box with a piece of paper inside that said, “Your ring here.” He asked me to marry him. I said yes. If he tells the story differently, ignore him.


The Proposal


KirkI'll begin this story where Cathy left off, on our one year anniversary. I chose this day due to its significance for us and the fact that it was upcoming and easy to remember (I had already committed the date to memory).

Anyhow, for over a month I debated on buying a ring as Cathy might want to choose one of her own. In the end I chose to purchase a ring box from a store that would make her a custom ring of her choice. In the box I placed a piece of paper that had a picture of a ring and the words, “Your ring here.”

So with the preparations made, the day arrived and we went for a walk on the beach just as we had done on our first date. Oddly enough it took some time for me to slow Cathy enough to ask her to marry me, and when I did she gave me a strange look (like she was looking at an alien) and said, “Aren’t you going to get down on one knee?”

It was at this time the red lights were flashing and for once both the angel and the little devil on my shoulders were in agreement that I should flee for my life, but I daftly fell to one knee and asked again.

She paused for a moment (probably allowing for the surf to again soak me with seaweed laden froth) and then said, "OK."

We resumed our walk and within five minutes she had informed me of the date and the approximate time of the ceremony. I had yet to decide upon what was for dinner.

Well, that date is coming fast and we have made most of the preparations that are needed for such things. I feel good that I have dedicated my life to such a wonderful effort. If I had not come along, this kindly spinster would probably have joined that nunnery. It is not what you receive in life but what you give that matters.

Well, this is my version of the story. She may disagree…..


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